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About Tesko Laser Division

Tesko Laser Division provides high quality laser cutting services using state of the art equipment. Tesko Laser complements our laser cutting services by also offering high-end metal fabricating services to our customers. This combination provides our customers with a one-stop-shop for fast turn laser cutting and high-end architectural and ornamental metal fabricating needs.

We can hold tight Get a quotation for our laser cutting services - imagepositioning and repeatability tolerances, offer nesting capabilities, and provide consulting services to lower laser cutting costs, provide small kerfs and heat affected zones, and deliver the part repeatability users of high quality laser-cutting services require.

We can laser cut most metals and specialize in cutting mild steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steels, and aluminum. See the list of materials we laser cut and the minimum and maximum thickness we can cut for your needs.

We provide laser cutting, shearing, forming, welding, grinding, polishing, painting, and many more metal fabricating services depending on your specific needs.

Tesko is a family owned business established in 1956 to provide high quality, high-end, custom architectural metal fabricating services. We are certified as a Minority Women-Owned Business by both the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois.

Contact us to see how you may benefit from using Tesko’s combination of high end-end laser cutting and architectural metal fabricating services. Or email us at info@teskolaser.com.

Tesko Laser Division.
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